Cyber Forensic Investigations; Information Security Consulting & Controls, Network Vulnerability Management; Business Process Outsourcing Services

The Software Development and Testing Company Inc.'s Global Sales, Account Management and Client Support Services are headquartered in Austin, Texas. Our centralized location enables us to travel to a client site anywhere in North America within five hours, enabling our Staff to be very responsive to the Onsite needs of our customers. 

Also, the physical location of our company in such a heavily influenced Technology Sector city such as Austin enables us to maintain the highest standards for the hiring of personnel and implementation of best of breed in advanced Software Services.  We invest in employing and training highly qualified personnel with cutting edge skills, who exceed customer requirements and expectations. Our State-of-the Art Technology laboratories are equipped with the latest in server, network and telecommunications equipment, as well as sophisticated physical security systems, with access to all premises monitored and controlled 24x7.

We make use of full time, dedicated internet connections to facilitate data access as well as worldwide VOIP capability, for instantaneous communications to and from our clients.